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The Lean Startup

Lean Startup.Sept2013

During 2013, the one KBBC book I did not finish was “The Lean Startup” by Eric Ries. Funny thing about that particular meetup at the Michigan News Agency – the eight or so in attendance in September thought the topic important, but also had not finished (or even read) the entire book. All, except the professor of the group, who was kind enough to write a synopsis which you can read here.

I started the book over in December and actually found it more understandable because I had been working on a business idea during the months in-between. Unfortunately, it did not hold my attention to the end at that time. However, a few of us have been trying to read a book a week and we’re meeting that. When asked “What book are you reading next?” I replied that I wanted to finish this one, and finally have.

Obviously, if I went back to read it, twice, it was still a book I liked. Why did it take so long to read? I think it was a combination of the fact that there are many examples for each point, and I found it challenging to want to read about all the examples. Plus, I tend to be busy and something else would grab my attention, including other books to read. It is definitely worthwhile, and if you want to know more about the lean startup movement, click here.

Hopefully, just like the original book club meetup, you are inspired to read this. If you have already, what do you think of the book and the method described?

Happy reading!

Stacy (a.k.a. “The Book Lady”)


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A Quiet Revolution


The book “Quiet” by Susan Cain, ironically, probably sparked the most heated discussion, between three of us. It is also the book that kept coming up as a topic elsewhere. The “revolution” that Cain intended to create has to do with introverts vs extroverts. She (and I am, too) is a definite introvert. The world, at least in the United States, has been developed into an extroverted society, according to the book, and if you don’t fit that or cannot fake it, then you tend to lose out.

What I liked most about the book “Quiet” is that it brings awareness to the difference between those who have more introverted tendencies and those who have more extroverted tendencies. When we are aware of why people act the way they do, it is easier to know how to handle a situation. Both of the other people in the discussion were “ambiverts,” which means they had an equal number of introvert and extrovert characteristics. Want to know where you fit? Cain has a Quiet Quiz on her website. Please comment with your result.

She also has great discussion questions which helped with the conversation. The website, in general, has helpful content, and I highly recommend the book! You can also follow Cain on Facebook and Twitter.

Do you think that Cain has successfully started a “Quiet” revolution?


Stacy (a.k.a. “The Book Lady”)


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Happy Birthday, KBBC!

The Kalamazoo Business Book Club Learners (members) met twelve times during 2013, with a new book title each month. The final meeting, in December, was not on any particular choice book. Rather, it was to recap anything from the other eleven discussions OR talk about a completely new book. To read more about what we did during the year, please click the image below.

Book Club Titles 2013

Have you read any? What were your most or least favorite? Are there any you want to know more about?

Thanks for your feedback!

Stacy (a.k.a “The Book Lady”)

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