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The Power of Book Clubs

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Can a book club change a person’s life? I don’t know about everyone. I can tell you that in the Kalamazoo Business Book Club that people are reading more than they were before it existed, at least one person renewed a library card and another one obtained a library card for the first time. Beyond that, it is awesome to discuss books with people who are like-minded yet bring different experiences and opinions to the topic. I definitely learn more than I might on a subject. Plus, given that the particular group’s favorite book choices tend to be on entrepreneurship, psychology, or (the all-time favorite) serendipity, I personally feel encouraged to choose alternate paths in life. In the article “How Can a Book Club Change Your Life,” the author talks about “the power of positive peer pressure.” To read this article, please click this link.¬†What do you think?

Happy reading!

Stacy (a.k.a. “The Book Lady”)


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